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March 24, 2021
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Why You Need a Resume


In today’s job market, the resume has risen to the top of the list of criteria sought by prospective employers. An employer needs to see you – on paper – before investing precious time in an interview. The way you present your resume to the employer can and will make all the difference.

You can’t compete without a resume, and an inferior resume will quickly kill you before you even have a chance to compete. That is why it is vital to have a strong resume that communicates what you can do for employers.

A resume is a rundown of your skills and experience.

The word resume comes from the French word résumé, which means “summary.” Your resume is exactly like that: A list of your credentials, abilities, and accomplishments. It reveals your previous achievements to a prospective employer. It includes information about your qualifications and training, job experience and schooling, and, most notably, achievements to prior employers.

It should also notify the employer of your career goal (the work you want) and convey the advantages you would bring to the job if employed clearly and concisely. A resume is a form of advertising. It promotes you, your specific skills and qualifications, and the advantages you can have.

Employer Benefits vs Skills

Make sure your resume is chock-full of employer benefits, not just skills, to help you stand out from the crowd. Today’s resumes, rather than the skills-based resumes of the past, must be “performance-oriented,” according to resume expert Peter Newfield. The employer must easily understand what benefits you bring to his business by reading your resume. Consider yourself a commodity and your employer a client. How would you pitch the boss on your product (you)?

Employers are more interested in the opportunities you can get than in your fantastic skill set. Make every attempt to emphasise these workplace opportunities while writing your resume. Do not only mention your skills if you are proficient in PageMaker and desktop publishing, for example (such as Mastery of PageMaker”). Convert your talents into advantages. Tell the employer what your desktop publishing experience can do for them (for example, “ability to produce attractive brochures at a low cost”).

Benefits reflect your actual accomplishments—what you have accomplished with your talents—while skills show your ability. Many candidates are familiar with PageMaker, which an employer recognises. Your role is to show the boss what you can do with this ability and what types of job tasks you’ve completed using PageMaker. Employers are impressed by this.

A resume aims to secure an interview.

The majority of people believe that a successful resume will land them a job. This is a blunder. Finding an employer that employs someone purely based on what they read on their resume is uncommon in today’s industry. Before hiring you, employers want to see you in person.

They want to see if you can back up your resume and have the right attitude for the job. Of course, this necessitates an interview. It is the interview that eventually determines whether or not you will be hired. The resume, however, is what gets you the interview! In today’s industry, where many businesses use resume-tracking software that selects your resume based on keywords, you must be extra careful to provide as many advantages as possible on your resume.

You must not only impress your boss, but you must also impress his machine today! Any resume, electronic or otherwise, serves only one purpose: to get you an interview. How many times have you said to yourself, “If only I could have met with the boss in person, I could have told him that I was the best choice for the position!” Your only hope is to write an outstanding resume that will get you noticed and get you in the door so you can meet the employer and apply for the position.

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