What AdvancedMD Billing Reviews Say About Tools for Independent Practices

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What AdvancedMD Billing Reviews Say About Tools for Independent Practices

AdvancedMD Billing Reviews

As you encounter the aspects of running an independent practice, medical billing can be a difficult issue to cover. However, you cannot understate the importance of managing billing in a way that can help your practice grow. To give you tips about financial management in independent practices, we’re sharing what you can learn from AdvancedMD billing reviews

About AdvancedMD EHR

AdvancedMD is a software provider that has created a suite of solutions for medical practices. With a client-based of over 22,500 users in over 600 billing companies, plus 8000 practices, the company is highly well-known. 

The billing platform is one of the flagship products offered by the company, and AdvancedMD billing reviews attest to that fact. The software is used to process more than 3.5 million claims every single month. It is a cloud-based software that can be used by practices to automate their workflow and manage data. 

Aside from this, the suite overall helps practices with various clinical, administrative, and financial tasks. Some of these tasks include patient engagement, EHR management, telemedicine, analytics, and practice management. 

The software is ONC2014 certified, and also complies with HIPAA as well as MACRA regulations. One of the best features of the software is its ability to work with most devices and browsers. It can even operate using both Windows and macOS. 

For practices using AdvancedMD, the mobile-friendly application can be used to remotely connect to the software. There is also a dashboard available for office managers hoping to see the workflow in an organized way. 

An AdvancedMD billing demo can be requested at any point to learn more about the software. Once you see the demo and all the features you can get, the next thing you’ll wonder about is pricing. The AdvancedMD billing pricing is created in a customized quote for each independent practice. 

Why Are AdvancedMD Billing Reviews Important?

There are a lot of issues that practices may face while managing their everyday billing. For example, you may find that there are issues regarding pay collection. Even if you are seeing the same number of patients, you may be finding that your revenue collection is falling. This signals that the place to work is your financial workflow. 

However, there are things you can do to reverse the impact of slowed-down workflow. Read through to learn more about our tips based on AdvancedMD Billing Reviews.

Tips for Improved Billing Collection

Always Recheck for Errors

Improving the chances that you collect bills from patients requires a lot of diligence from your side. One place to start is by always confirming and verifying the information you receive from patients. One reason that claims are rejected is that the information provided does not match up properly. 

Whether it’s confirming patient names, types of coverage or even a wrong ID number. It could go as far as a patient’s insurance no longer being covered by the provider. These kinds of issues make it extremely important to always be careful and verify the information. 

The fact that an error can be minor doesn’t mean it has a small effect. For example, if you misspell a patient’s name and the claim is rejected, you’ll now have to resubmit. This means there’s time going into your staff discovering the mistake, fixing it, and sending the claim again. The slow pace can cost you in the long run and you may even miss deadlines. 

When you’re using AdvancedMD, the software is built to avoid errors. When you make a claim, the software automatically checks, and the AdvancedMD billing reviews can attest to that. When errors are erased before you submit your claim, you are more likely to reduce the chance of them being rejected. 

Use An Integrated EHR/Billing Software.

One of the most crucial parts of managing patient data is entering their intake information. This is the first bit of information you learn about the patient, and what will be entered into their record. When you use software that integrates the billing and EHR aspect of your work, you can make sure the whole process is more seamless. 

In the example above, if your systems are integrated, once you enter information into the record, it will automatically be checked for eligibility. No one in the office has to check that the insurance checks out. It also means the data doesn’t have to be added twice. 

With a jointly integrated system like AdvancedMD, you know your data is safe and workable at all times. You never have to worry about surprise issues showing up when it is time to collect bill payments. 

Use The Tools Recommended by AdvancedMD Billing Reviews

If you’ve sent out the claim, and it’s been accepted, well done! However, there may yet be a portion of the bill that needs to be paid by the patient. In order to remind the patient to pay bills, you can use a reminder by mail to the patient.

However, you are more likely to have better luck using your AdvancedMD software. When you send out a bill, you can actually send it online – through text or email. This prompts patients to immediately log in to their patient portal.

Provided you have payment options available through the portal, it is more likely your patients will cover the bill quickly. Sending bills through mail can be costly, and still lead to ait times. So be sure to use the combination of text, email, and a comprehensive patient portal to resolve outstanding bills. 

Final Note: AdvancedMD Billing Reviews

Now you’ve read through all of the ways that you can get the most from AdvancedMD billing reviews. You must now be wondering how to get started on using the software. Our advice is to start out with a demo that can show you if it’s the right software for you. 

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