Undergraduate scholarships at the University of Alberta

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March 24, 2021
Airen Herbals
March 24, 2021

Undergraduate scholarships at the University of Alberta

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is in the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Yearly, hundreds of lucky students get a chance to pursue their educational careers in this highly ranked university in the world. Alberta welcomes students for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs.

Some students want to get admission on self-funding; on the other hand, and some apply for scholarships. Some of the scholarships at Alberta are admission-based, and some of them are application-based.  In the admission-based scholarship, a student does not have to fill out any separate scholarship. He/she will automatically get a scholarship offer based on the need and educational scores. On the other hand, in an application-based scholarship, you must fill a scholarship if you are unaware of what scholarship you are eligible for. The administration will automatically refer you to a scholarship after finding the perfect math and suitable one for you.

Keep scrolling this article to get familiar with various scholarships and their amounts for undergraduate students and the University of Alberta.

Top 8 scholarships for international students at Alberta

Alberta offers a wide range of scholarships for its students; the number of eligible international countries is also huge. The eligibility criteria for each country and scholarship vary for interested undergraduate students. Students willing to apply for this scholarship must make sure they fulfill the eligibility requirements.

The following is the list of some of the undergraduate scholarships for international students at Alberta.

1.    International country scholarship

University of Alberta international country scholarship is an admission-based scholarship. This scholarship is for undergraduate students that are studying in the first semester at Alberta on a student Visa.  The selection of students for this scholarship will depend on the student’s high school region, and they can get up to 5000 dollars. Students struggle with the Visa processes and lag in applying for the scholarship in the initial stages of admission. Such students opt to consult the study abroad consultants in Islamabad to start their visa processes and get guidance on various scholarships and their eligibility to ensure their selection.

2.    Gold standard scholarship

Another undergraduate scholarship for international students is the Gold standard scholarship. Based on the admission average, students will get a scholarship of 5%. The admission average calculation will depend on the Universiti’s criteria and from your high school’s essential courses/ subjects.

3.    International student scholarship

Students who are high achievers and are studying in the first semester in any of the faculty in Alberta will get an admission-based scholarship called the international student scholarship. This scholarship offers up to 9000 dollars to the students studying in the first semester on a student visa.

4.    University of Alberta international entrance citation

The University of Alberta looks for future leaders, and when they find such students, they polish their skills and offer their best to them. International entrance citation is an application-based undergraduate scholarship for students having leadership skills entering the first semester with a high admission average. This scholarship offers up to 40,000 dollars in 4 years.

5.    Centenary scholarship

The centenary scholarship is more similar to the international; entrance citation scholarship. As it has the same eligibility requirements, but the amount this scholarship offers is minimum than the previous one. Undergraduate students will get an amount of 30,000 dollars in 4 years.

6.    International entrance leadership scholarship

To encourage the new entries with leadership skills in the first-semester University of Alberta offers a scholarship named the international entrance leadership scholarship. Students with an admission average equal to 80 or higher can apply for this scholarship. Eligible students will receive an amount of 7,500 dollars.

7.    Global citizen scholarship for IB diploma

Students that possess leadership skills and need financial assistance can apply for this scholarship. Another eligibility requirement for this scholarship is that the student must have a strong baccalaureate diploma standing and enter the first year on a student visa for an undergraduate degree program under Aga khan academies (A branch of AKES which itself is a branch of AKDN). The eligible students of this scholarship will get a scholarship of 53,000 dollars per year.

8.    Transfer scholarships

Students that want to transfer from other institutions to Alberta must fill out an application to achieve this scholarship. But one of the requirements to apply for this scholarship is that you must apply for admission to an undergraduate program at the University of Alberta. Another eligibility requirement is you must have a high admission average to secure this scholarship. If you are looking to apply for a transfer scholarship and study an undergraduate program at Alberta, ask for the guidance and services of the study abroad consultants in Islamabad to maximize chances of acquiring this scholarship and initiate your visa processes as soon as possible.

Secure your admission at the University of Alberta today

Being one of the top-ranked universities, many students wish to study at the University of Alberta. Only a few lucky students get a chance to secure admission and scholarship because they wisely proceed with their application process. If you wish to be one of those lucky students, opt for expert guidance to help you out in every step, from your admission process to acquiring a student visa.

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