Top 3 Types of Video Animation

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February 23, 2021
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Top 3 Types of Video Animation

video animation

When you read the heading, the first thing that might strike in your mind would be, what is Animation? The word Animation is derived from a Latin word Anima, which means ‘Soul’. The process of moving an animated object from one place to another is called Animation

Do you know Mickey mouse, Winnie the Pooh and Ben 10? They are all animated characters. However, video animation is a recording of moving animated characters. The demand for video animation is increasing with the passage of time. It is great source of explaining to someone about your idea or vision. If you want to learn about the types of video animations, so keep reading.

Types of Video Animation

Technology is expanding the ways of doing things nowadays. These are the most established types of video animation in today’s world, which are as follow.

1.     Traditional or Classic Animation

Traditional or classical animation is the type of animation where you have to draw each animated object on the paper with the help of a pencil or pen. These types of animation were used to be the only type of animation in the past times, where there was no concept of technology.

2.     Computerised or Digital Animation

These are Modern type of Animations, where animations are made with the help of a computer. It is less time consuming and costly than the Traditional or Classical type of Animation. This type of Animation has increased employment andincome of different sorts of explainer video companies

3.     Stop Motion Animation

As its name shows, an animation that includes a series of stop objects that shows movement.This type of animation resembles the traditional and classical type of animation. Bob the Builder, Pingu and Chicken are some of the common types of Stop motion Animated Cartoon series.[1] 

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