Starting a Business Service Meeting with TBNTS Furniture Assembly

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Starting a Business Service Meeting with TBNTS Furniture Assembly


We are all happy when we buy new Furniture Assembling Dubai for our house or office. But we get frustrated when it is not properly collected or when we miss any part of it. This happens a lot in all furniture meetings.

While we may not have found the grass directly or the workers of the equation some may but may not last long. One such solution is available here.

Here, let me tell you the challenges people face when assembling furniture and all of these issues are easily solved with its key niche features that allow you to choose the best and measure your value. There is more, keep reading to find out.

What are the challenges people face when assembling furniture?

Here are some of the common problem’s consumers face when making a furniture assembly.

Mounting process:

There are many types of furniture. Some of them are difficult to install and require a lot of effort if you are not an expert. And it needs some furniture assembling tools

You need to know how to use the tools to assemble the furniture properly. The size of the drill sets all the issues when it comes to installing furniture. When cutting wood to adjust the size and that creates a lot of problems.

It is difficult to separate the parts:

In the service of assembling furniture, there are many small parts such as screws and bolts that are necessary but difficult to separate. It happens in the assembly process that the screw goes into many holes and all of them are wrong.

There are many similar situations where people would put the wood down and not be able to see the flaws. Eventually, they end up spending many hours or setting up simple furniture that can be very frustrating.

Too many modes and components not available:

Although the multi-purpose option looks useful it can add a lot of pain when you put it together. People end up meeting and fixing it in a way they never expected.

It just adds to the confusion and makes it very difficult to decide which way to go. At the time of delivery of the furniture or when you open the package, there is a chance of losing a piece. And it’s hard to find out what part is missing.

After a missed find, it was hard to find a place for that part and it took a long process again. Sometimes you may not find a screw of a certain size and shape of a particular piece of furniture.

How does this work?

If a customer needs a furniture assembly, they should sign your request with the required details. Once they have completed the registration process they are allowed to continue with your furniture assembly service.

Initially, the customer has to choose the furniture they want to build or assemble. After that, it will show the estimated cost of the service they requested. Once the customer is satisfied with the cost.

With a fully developed algorithm, it directly identifies the service provider next to them. The customer is allowed to view the service provider’s profile and rating and reviews of their previous service.

This allows them to choose the right person to assemble the home or office furniture. Once a customer has selected their provider.  They will notify the right person immediately and the destination.

The service provider can use the roadmap to quickly access the short term.

Niche features in your Furniture assembly service

Some features are available here for your furniture assembly.


The manager is able to track and monitor the person who meets the user and their full details. The administrator can add or remove connectors to the platform.

Real-time GPS tracking:

The real-time feature plays a major role in the service of your furniture assembly, where it is useful to both players. Where the user is able to track his service provider in real-time.

It will be one of the most useful features to provide a quick service with route preparation. The boy who meets can use the route before starting the service.

Communications registration:

This feature in your app helps the user to register his account easily using social networking, it won’t take too long. Within a second the user is able to register and resume your service.

Additional features that make up your furniture combination

Ratings and reviews:

By using this option, the customer shares their information with the link. This method of getting the best updates can help the manager to see the top link in the pool. The top link gets a valid boost with the app itself.

Multi-currency and multi-language options:

Our software overrides language barriers. Your users can now select their preferred language from the list and are allowed to pay any amount using a variety of currency options.

Scheduled Assembler Reservations:

Customer is also allowed to book their link before the date of service. This makes them more productive and the service will be done on a date chosen by the customer and the connector.

As soon as you join hands with us, our team will begin your process of developing the system with 360-degree support. You are welcome to contact us at any time for clarification of the doubts.

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