JetBlue Airlines’ Top 5 Things to Do In San Jose, CA (SJC)

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June 22, 2022
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June 22, 2022

JetBlue Airlines’ Top 5 Things to Do In San Jose, CA (SJC)

JetBlue airlines plane tickets

JetBlue Airlines recently flew from Boston, MA to San Jose, CA (SJC) and back again. Here are our top 5 things to do in San Jose based on our experience flying through SJC as well as what we did before we got there and after we left. We make it simple way to choose the budget friendly flight for you. Therefore, if you want to book your JetBlue airlines flights today for enjoy excellent service and a fantastic in-flight experience.

  • How to get there

Driving to San Jose International Airport is a viable option if you’re planning on staying in town. If you plan on flying elsewhere after your trip to San Jose, however, it may make more sense to fly into Oakland International Airport or even Los Angeles International Airport—two airports where JetBlue Airways flies directly from SJC. Still not sure what’s best for you? Check in JetBlue airlines tickets our complete guide: How to get to and From The Most Popular Airports in America.

  • Where to stay

JetBlue Airways has a couple of partner hotels in downtown San Jose. But even if you’re looking for a place to stay away from downtown, there are plenty of options for short- and long-term stays throughout town. If you’re planning on going out to dinner at night or sleeping in late on your days off, make sure your hotel is close to public transportation like light rail and bus systems, so you can book a JetBlue flight. There’s no sense renting a car—traffic in Silicon Valley can be pretty brutal! Check TripAdvisor reviews so you know what hotels travelers recommend and which ones they think are overpriced or underwhelming. A good night’s sleep isn’t just important for work—it also helps reduce stress!

  • What to do

Spend an afternoon perusing galleries and boutiques in downtown San Jose. Galleries like LMArt and shows like local artist Ange Harkins’ family-friendly paintings are must-sees; spend a sunny day outdoors at Paseo de Sarria for a grassy park filled with trees and benches; learn about culture from Latin artisans at Las Puertas. And when you’re ready to explore even more, do what our guests do: hop on JetBlue Airways’ daily flight to Guadalajara, Mexico and book JetBlue flights to Miami. From there take a 3-hour bus ride south along coastal Highway 200 to Puerto Vallarta or head inland toward Los Santos Canyon—it’s even better when you go it alone. Think that sounds scary?

  • What not to miss

Some travelers say that flying JetBlue Airways is one of their favorite parts of traveling. There are also some neat ways to earn extra points and perks on Jet Blue Airlines cheapest flights, which can help to minimize costs in all sorts of ways on future trips. But, it’s not just about JetBlue airways flights tickets and earning points; it’s about helping you have a better travel experience from beginning to end. Here are five things to do before your blue jet flights that will make your trip more fun: 1. Print out your boarding pass: You’ll have plenty of time before your flight departs and printing out your boarding pass means you’ll avoid any hassle at JetBlue airline check-in when you’re trying to get through security or at bag check after landing if you’re in a rush.

  • Frequently asked questions about visiting SJC

Where can I park at SJC? Where is JetBlue airlines flight check in at SJC? When does JetBlue Airways fly from SJC? When does Jet Blue Airways fly to SJC? How many Jet Blue Airlines flights are there to and from SJC every day? How much time do I have between my flights at SJC? What time does my JetBlue airways flight booking leave from San Jose Airport next week on January 1st?

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