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How not to lose fans in Instagram

After a relatively “optimistic” period, his Instagram profile began to lose fans. Without understanding the exact reason why this happened, you started to wonder if there is something wrong with the content you post on your account and would you like to shed some light on the topic. If this is the case, there is no doubt: you are in the right direction at the right time!

In the following articles, in fact, I will have an opportunity to explain how not to lose followers on Instagram , giving you “tips” on what to post and some tips on avoiding mistakes. However, before I get to the heart of the matter, I want to make some necessary clarification: there are no “magic formulas” to lose fans on Instagram. If you want your followers increases then you need to buy 5000 Instagram likes Canada. All you have to do is try to stop the blood of followers interested in your account with some practical measures.

Address a specific topic

One of the first steps I would recommend you take is to avoid losing followers on Instagram is that of dealing with a specific topic so avoid changing the main theme of your profile (especially if you use it for professional purposes).

Sure you also had a lot of followers thanks to a certain post you published and you realize that they stopped after a while. This probably happened for a very simple reason: the users in question noticed that you are also covering other topics on your profile and, not interested in them, decided to stop following you.

If you want to change the type of content you publish, you can try to handle a certain topic on a particular topic, so that you do not fall into monotony and risk not “getting out of content”, perhaps Use stories for this purpose.

Create quality content

Creating quality content is crucial to losing fans. If a certain number of users have followed you, they probably appreciated the quality of your shots and therefore you have to maintain the same quality standard or even try to upload it. By doing so, in addition to keeping your current followers, you are likely to attract the attention of other users who may start following you.

As you probably already know, because you are a social network that focuses everything on visual content, the quality of the photos and videos you post is crucial to leave a positive mark on the minds of other users of the platform. How can you be sure that “deserved” content for posting on your Instagram profile has quality? You could try looking critically at the shots (and of course the videos too) you want to post.

In this sense, before you publish content you can ask yourself: “Are they beautiful to look at?”, “What message do they convey?”, “If I see content posted by another user, I would like to I encourage you to continue or stop.

Be regular and active on Instagram

Be regular and active on Instagram it is very important to lose fans. If you do not update your profile with new content, it may become sloppy, if not completely abandoned. The advice I urge you to follow, therefore, is to periodically publish new publications and new Stories to keep your fans up to date on your activities.

Being active in the social network is also crucial. How? for example, by “liking” your followers’ comments (and, if you like, their publications as well) and, above all, responding to their comments: in doing so, users who follow you will feel that they have been added you count and you are more likely to continue your pursuit.

Follow your followers

Follow your followers is another useful measure to avoid losing them. Many times, in fact, people you start following on Instagram expect that you also “correspond” by following them one after the other. When they don’t, they usually remove the track.

Let me be clear: you don’t necessarily feel obligated to start after all those who follow your followers, but who know that you could prevent them from releasing at least some of them (the follow the most interesting profiles).

How can you start following a user on Instagram who you already follow? To get started, access your Instagram account from the official social network app for Android or iOS (or, if you prefer to act as a PC, from its Web version or Windows 10 app ), press the small man mounted icon on the lower right (or upper right if you use the web version of the service), tap a number corresponding to your follower number, search for the ones next to the follow button and click on the second one to start following them.

If you’re interested in more information on how to gain followers on Instagram, I suggest you need to buy Instagram followers Canada.

Don’t buy buyers

If you are trying to gain followers artificially, for example by using applications and services that allow you to buy them (with real money and through credits that can be obtained by following other profiles in succession), there is a risk that you will do more damage than anything else.

Al earn new followers through these tricks, you only temporarily “inflate” your profile by letting people not follow you. You are really interested in the content you publish and in your activities.

Therefore, for the reasons stated, so do not buy followers. It must also be said that Instagram does not welcome followers buying and selling activities, closing the profiles of users who engage in these illegal activities on the platform.

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