How Can You Effectively Use Custom Kraft Boxes?

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How Can You Effectively Use Custom Kraft Boxes?

custom Kraft boxes

If you are looking for a sustainable packaging solution, then custom Kraft boxes are for you. They are made with pine wood pulp that can be recycled and reused a number of times.

Many brands are now switching to eco-friendly packaging options. Why is that so?

With increased campaigns and awareness about climate preservation, people want to reduce the negative impact on the environment. An effective way to start is by opting for bio-degradable materials including the packaging boxes. Customers look for many factors when they finalize a product and crafting boxes in such materials tops the list.

You might have seen Kraft paper around. It is normally brown in color and has a distinct texture to it. Now, with technological advancements, this paper stock is being turned into robust boxes that can be used for a variety of corporate tasks. Take a look below for in-depth analysis:

Envelope any kind of product

The best feature of the boxes is that they are flexible enough to be shaped in any form. This enables the brand to use the boxes for all products. Be it perfumes, cosmetics, food items, CBD, or more, the boxes can fit with the nature and dimensions of the products with ease.

custom Kraft boxes

The Kraft paper is made of natural sources i.e., wood. This allows it to be formed creatively. There are many shapes in which these boxes can be designed and created including:

  • Counter display boxes
  • Sliding drawer style
  • Gable boxes
  • One-piece mailers
  • Food grade boxes

Additionally, you can have your inputs to craft the Kraft paper into any custom measurements. What this does to the overall budget is maintain the bottom lines by using the same box for transportation and display. So, you have one box for varied purposes.

Appeal to specific customers

The fact is that one box style doesn’t appeal to everyone. People of different tastes, ages, nationalities, languages, etc., prefer differently customized boxes. The Kraft paper is highly capable of catering to every customer-specific need. It can be utilized to appeal strongly to your precise customer demands. For instance,

  • Younger customers respond well to packaging that is lively and chick.
  • Older people react positively to elegant boxes that are to the point.
  • Women need their packaging to be more graphically engaging, and so on.

Adhering to these varied customer expectations can be made easy with the Kraft paper. It has the power to be printed with custom illustrations and color schemes. You can maximize the attention your brand gets when the products are showcased in such personalized boxes made of Kraft material.

Such liberties are missing from any other packaging material that allows the seller to be more in line with the market specifications. Custom corrugated boxes are another example of effective packaging. The compressed rows of air columns help to keep the products safe and in well-measured box frames.

Built to last

Obviously, you wouldn’t want your products to get ruined before the end customers receive them. If this happens, you can lose out on imparting a robust first impact and impress clients. The Kraft paper is made into sturdy boxes that are the best option to transport items to all destinations; whether locally or distant.

Custom Kraft boxes undergo rigorous testing and supervision to give exceptional results. Customers are happy when the products appear to be in the ideal form. They are bound to order more and refer your brand to family and friends. This way your boxes can be used as brand promotional tools too. Having the same box do so many different jobs will have a positive effect on your expenditures. The boxes help to curb costs by:

  • Reusing the boxes for future product packaging
  • The Kraft stock is a relatively cheaper material to attain.
  • The products do not require to be packaged in other boxes for transit. This lowers the boxing costs.
  • Delivering products safely would mean fewer damages and more revenues.
  • Adding custom features would help to attract more customers and boost sales and profitability.

All these uses are rolled into one device and that is the boxes you acquire to package your valuable products.

More value propositions

We all are guilty of buying products that look good value for money. Premium packaging tends to sell more than the ones that are ordinary in appearance. The Kraft stock can be made to look better with custom additions like:

  • Spot UV coating. This helps the boxes to resist scratches and getting torn easily. Also, a shiny layer gives a reliable feel to the products.
  • Metallic inks. These can make the content look interesting and impactful. The inks do not fade away quickly and help to divert customers’ focus.
  • Foils stamping & embossing. Both these let your brand logo shine through the clutter of products. a good visual effect remains in customers’ minds for longer and helps them to identify your brand at retail outlets.
  • Scoring & gluing, ribbons, handles, and alike also add to the appeal of the boxes. Customers consider all the factors before buying from a new brand. Your products can swiftly sell in impressive numbers when the boxes contain such fascinating features.

These are just some of the endless customizations you can do on the boxes. The boxes can resonate well with the brand image and elevate it to be noticed by your target buyers. Such boxes make the products look more worthy of the buyers’ money. Your brand personality can convince the shoppers to opt for your products over the next brand.

This also fulfills your marketing objectives. The custom Kraft boxes can be printed with promotive content that elucidates why your products are the best in the market.


The above uses must be informative enough for you to employ these boxes in your regular packaging routine. With custom shapes, the boxes are fit for boxing and branding alike. They help lower costs and maintain budgets while being more productive.

Ken Wilson
Ken Wilson
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