Here’s how you know that The Dark Knight Rises is the best Movie Sequel So Far!

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Here’s how you know that The Dark Knight Rises is the best Movie Sequel So Far!

dark knight rise

The magic of the wardrobe left the audience in Awes.

Surely, the ace filmmaker Christopher Nolan is well aware of how to make a movie with something that is so brilliant at spinning complex plots and developing intriguing character dynamics. “The Dark Knight Rises” is the last of his series, and he made sure to make up to the greatest scale yet. And somehow, he manages to ground it in the roles of young and old actors to the sequel. Well, we had our reservations over whether or not the film would be able to live up to the level of the previous two sequels, but the results made us doubt our own judgments.

Christopher Nolan is one of the few fine directors whose films are appreciated by critics, and this is not it; he has created the largest fandom through his movies. Although “The Dark Knight Rises” doesn’t have the same powerful and scenic villain as the Joker in “The Dark Knight,” and we are glad that it turned out to be like this. As it had a largely new cast that, together, creates a daunting impression for the franchise with its story and costume—especially Batman Suit and Bane Coat.

The True Charm of Characters added by Nolan!

The Dark Knight Rises, directed by the Man Of Cinema, for sure gives us a rush of pleasure accompanied by a continuous nagging feeling that something is missing, be it in the plot or in the personification of the characters. Although it includes every factor, from thrill to suspense, it is audacious and thematically rich, but still, it’s missing that final layer of excellence that we see in Nolan’s films. Of necessity, more thought, like a re-watch, dispels those necessary layers.

Look closer; it’s all there, proving that Nolan is a master wizard. The Dark Knight rises, but his alter-ego must pay the supreme price for redemption. The one missing factor that we felt was covered well, as the addition of characters sort it majorly. And not to forget the art of Lindy, as she put her soul into creating costumes that became a permanent yet followed identity.

The idea of this sequel was connected with that of The Dark Knight, and the director picks up the story of the movie right from where it was left. As the city operates under the false notion that Harvey Dent was their protector, as it was a belief that was fed to them to free them from terror. But this belief inadvertently opened the opportunity for a new and more powerful force of evil to reinforce his army underneath the city.

In other words, the claim that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” seems to be a tactic, and the only thing worse than being ruled by past terrors is being unprepared for future ones. So if The Dark Knight reflects the prejudices of the land, then The Dark Knight Rises is all too able to manipulate the subconscious terror of the unknown that has been engraved upon someone who has endured through the day.

The true essence of this Sequel lies in the costume design!

Talking about the new addition of characters in The Dark Knight Rises, there are quite a few intriguing characters in the movie. Bane, a steampunk-masked slab of roid-raging musculature from the League of Shadows, popular for itsBane Trench Coat. Plots a plan to assemble society’s unwanted and disorganized outcasts and transform them into his own, brainwashed army. Bane planned out this scheme in order to take over the capital city of Gotham. Moreover, the story of this sequel picturizes fears in the most splendid way, making citizens the reason for the arrival of Bane. For instance, in a video game cutscene, Michel Foucault’s intellectual research Discipline & Punishment spins a fantasy from the conclusions.

Bane’s previous incarceration inside the walls of the world’s worst jail facility, it was basically an insurmountable depth with a view and a ledge that both offer those within only enough hope for escape, demonstrates that rules and justice must coexist with crime and retribution. And later on, this well-thought phenomenon becomes the root cause for the destruction of Gotham City. They’re both entities that would crumble if the other didn’t exist. So it is that Bruce Wayne, after spending years in isolation when his alter ego disappeared as a result of the events related to The Dark Knight, is persuaded to resume his duty in his old night shift.

This sequel became a major hit with the addition of a cat burglar sporting a skin-tight cat-suit and pop-up goggles that imitate cat’s ears into the costume. The idea that she attempts to take the concept and universe of Batman as literally as possible is risky, but The Dark Knight Rises prefers to throw caution to the wind. Even if Selina Kyle has never been alluded to as Catwoman, anybody who knows anything about comics and pop culture knows who she is! PERIOD. Whereas the character of Bane represents a similar risk.

A pain-addled freedom fighter with almost the stamina of that of a Superhero and a ridiculous upper-crust accent. Bane is held alive by a mask pouring anesthetic into his body. These characters, though, do more than just fuel the narrative; they even power Bruce Wayne. The more powerful the enemy, the more chance Bruce will get to showcase his skill. Moreover, Nolan makes us believe that their presence in the trilogy is critical to the conclusion of his story.

Lindy’s work in elevating the spirit of the movie

Lindy Hemming, the costume designer, managed to keep the Dark Knight series grounded by creating each character from inside out. Bane is a wrestler in the books, but in this sequel, he portrayed the outlook of a military man. His outfit, which basically consists of a shearling coat, military vest, war trousers, and boots inspired by the Swedish army, represents a life spent in various coups around the world. His mask is more about action than shape, but it’s still threatening, with tiny pipes forming Rottweiler teeth. Whereas Batman’s suit remains the same as there is no need to change that, all he did to make his appearance daunting was to wear the cape that he had put away for the past 8 years.

Despite the fact that the film completed its journey in three hours, it really does not stretch the narrative of the movie more than it’s needed. Only if it was possible, we all were wishing for an extended running time to further flesh out the backstories of new characters. Especially Miranda Tate, whose motivations were only hinted at in the final minutes of the movie. Whereas we think that the Bat plane is maybe a space-age indulgence gone too far, but the physical action is on point as expected. Consisting of set pieces seems outlandish enough to challenge the limits of believability without breaking them.

Despite the use of Hans Zimmer’s emotion-filled scene quite repeatedly, we fount the movie more powerful in the quieter sequences. As it explained about the character’s contemplation and motivation. Whereas, without any doubt, the dignified work of Michael Caine as Alfred brings out the best of Christian Bale. Lastly, It’s impossible to forget how well-acted this trilogy was throughout the time.

The Ending had it all.

The intentionally ambiguous ending is quite lovely because it reminds us of Christopher Nolan’s inception and costume exposes a poignant reality once again. Selina Kyle is mostly dressed in black, which makes her flit through identities as a master of disguise, but not to forget that she wears a blue linen dress in her final scene with Bruce Wayne at the cafe. This could be Alfred’s perception of her, that she could be nothing more than a figment of his imagination. Whereas, the Bane Shearling Coat made the persona of the Bane 10 times intimidating with the addition of a mask on his face and dangerous aura. Moreover, since this movie is a fantasy based on comics, Christopher Nolan has surely accomplished the unthinkable.

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