Get Excitingly Dangerous with the Night wing Jacket

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February 15, 2021
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Get Excitingly Dangerous with the Night wing Jacket

Night wing Jacket


If you are also from the comic world. And you know the things a true comic fanatic does, then this is the best read you can get! A true fanatic can do just about anything to get their hands on everything related to their favorite comic character. There can be some confusion between comic fans and comic characters’ movie fans.

When we use the word comic, mainly Marvel and DC get our attention. But we will be talking about DC today. DC has not limited itself to one specific area. They have figuratively spread their wings wide open all over the place. Be it TV, or cinemas, or games. DC is everywhere. How they have grown and evolved each character in the movies and also in the comics. From children to adults, everyone knows Batman and Superman.

It is all about DC, and we are here to begin the conversation about our favorite characters.

Night wing:

It is not as popular as the other DC comic characters; probably, he has not been featured in any DC movies as of yet. But mind you, it has its own separate fan base because of the comic series. Night wing got his separate identity when he left Batman. Yes! He was a Robin. Night wing, Dick Grayson, is one incredible fighter, but what we will talk about is his costume.

Audience drools over theNightwing jacket. And they have their right reasons. The design and especially the color combination of his costume is commendable. Don’t know about you, but it reminds us of FLASH except for the colors, obviously. Night wing’s outfit can be an excellent pick for the people who actually want something bold but unique for Halloween.

 Death stroke:

Death stroke, lovingly known as the Terminator, is a super-villain of DC comics. His character was first introduced in the titans as the most bad-ass villain, not just because of the abilities that he carries but also because of how dangerous he looks. Death stroke and Night wing came face to face when Night wing paired up with Batman to kill Death stroke.

Talking about the costume of this character, he has this terminator kind of outfit. Calling it a costume would be an insult so let’s call it an iron-suit of doom and destruction! His whole attire goes well with the two swords that he has. For a super-villain look, don’t miss out on Death stroke’s costume.

Black Canary:

One of the most prominent woman characters and the first super-heroines of the DC universe Black Canary got her way to the justice league. An inspiration for many, caught all the eyes her way when she appears in The Green Arrow. She has also appeared in a videogame of the green arrow.

Shout out to all the girls who want to dress up like a queen, but not from a princess fairytale. Vigilant and empowered on her own Black Canary’s costume is louder than any other character. The all-Black of costume shows her boldness, whereas the mask on the face tells a different story of her hideous nature. 

Jason Todd:

Jason Todd is famous for his confusing genre. He was Batman’s initial Robin. That’s what makes his story even more heartbreaking. And what’s more, is that he was supposedly dead after the Joker brutally assaulted him. After this, he came back as Red hood. This character has many exciting yet scary insights given his mind-boggling history, especially with Batman. But we are going to talk about RED HOOD’s iconic outfit.

Jason Todd’s costume shows the dark spark that the red hood has. Both bold and dark colors, Red and Black. The costume has given a lot of confidence and non-verbal voice to Red Hood’s character. Eye mask, gloves, and his gadget were all part of his “can’t be bothered” attitude.

Aqua man:

Our personal favorite character of the DC universe to talk about. Immensely after Jason Mamoa blessed us with his version of it! Why, you ask? Iconic humor will be our answer. When you look at Aqua man, he comes off as a buff and rude, gigantic kind of person. Whereas he actually was an emotional and chuckle some being. This oceanic hero’s superpower is telepathy, and that is how he controls aquatic existence.

Aqua man, with his scaly-fish-like skin, showing-off his wholly maintained body is everything the audience can ask for. And the way Aqua man flaunts and owns his trident, GOD! He just nailed it.

They are the characters of the DC Universe that keep the fandom alive. Mentioning all the years of work the DC universe characters have made is near to impossible.

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