DrChrono EHR Review – The Benefits of Prescription Tools

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DrChrono EHR Review – The Benefits of Prescription Tools

DrChrono EHR Reviews

Managing prescriptions is no easy task. After all, there’s a lot to consider. The patient’s history, their safety, regulations, and even what pharmacy to send it out to. In modern healthcare, patient prescriptions can be handled when you use EHR software. One such software is the DrChrono EHR.

In this DrChrono EHR review, we will be discussing the ways you can use the software to fill out prescriptions. We will also be covering the ways that you can prescribe controlled prescriptions safely. The software is specially catered to managing risk and providing the best health outcomes.

About DrChrono EHR Software

If you are looking to cut down on exhausting tasks and improve patient outcomes, DrChrono may be right for you. The software can help you monitor patient health while maintaining safety regulations with minimal risk. DrChrono can be utilized by practices of all types and sizes and hosts a number of useful features.

The software first made its name in the healthcare industry with the EHR in 2009. This software has allowed patients and doctors to have better experiences in healthcare. The comprehensive software is entirely cloud-based. This means you don’t have to install costly hardware or have a full IT team to manage its implementation.

DrChrono EHR is also HIPAA compliant, meaning all of the patient data you store in it is kept safe. You never have to worry about leaks or security breaches.

Features of DrChrono EHR

There are a lot of excellent features you get to access while you are using DrChrono EHR. While this DrChrono EHR review is focused on prescription, there are other features to admire. For example, the software can help you manage patients, foster a healthy relationship with them, and create a seamless workflow.

For example, one of the key tools offered by Drchrono is the ability to manage patient interaction and scheduling. Having the tools to manage a practice calendar can be instrumental for a busy practice. The software also enables communication with patients using automated texts and emails.

Automated messages let you tell your patients an appointment is coming up. It also helps you create a deeper bond with patients. This is added to the fact that the patient portal can help your patients interact with their health data like never before. They can sign in, view their records, and even see how far they’ve progressed.

It comes with excellent and intuitive navigation and interface. The software helps you manage your work without too many clicks and doesn’t use a boring design. This makes it easier for you to carry out your tasks. You can also use DrChrono templates to customize the software so it looks even more engaging.

Prescribing Medications With DrChrono

Since 2010, the DEA has changed regulations around the prescription of controlled substances. Where this was initially illegal in electronic settings, the regulations were revised to allow for the possibility of electronic prescription. This was crucial for practices and pharmacies alike, and has changed the way medications are now prescribed.

Since that time, DrChrono has been working tirelessly to provide its users with the tools needed to manage prescriptions safely. Here are some of the benefits of using DrChrono to fill out and refill prescriptions.

Benefits of DrChrono Prescriptions

Now that we’ve discussed the history of prescriptions in this DrChrono EHR review, let’s talk about its benefits. Here are some of the notable benefits you get when you use DrChrono for prescriptions.

Ensuring Patient Safety

Using the prescription tools from DrChrono, you can make sure your patients remain relatively safe. This is because the software automatically alerts you against possible interactions. This includes interactions between other patient medications or any allergies listed in their medical history.

DrChrono also helps to prevent unsafe dosages or even cautions against duplicated prescriptions. This way, your prescriptions are less prone to human errors. It even takes away one of the most notorious issues – illegible handwriting. This way, you can be sure there’s no risk to patients.

Improving Workflow

Cutting down on time needed to write out a prescription can seem a small thing. However, by that simple step, you can save a lot of time and energy for practitioners. Plus, the prescriptions go straight to the pharmacy so it minimizes work for everyone.

Providing More Security

The software’s tools for controlled substances cannot allow for alterations in the prescription. What this means is that whatever prescription goes out to the pharmacy, the information simply cannot be edited or changed in any way. Direct delivery to the pharmacy can also help protect patient information.

Saving On Costs

As you prescribe medications using DrChrono, you also get to see how much it costs. The doctor can also see how much of the payment will be covered by the patient’s insurance plan. The software also gives you the option to prescribe alternatives that are more affordable. This can enable you to keep an eye out for costs for the patient.

Delivering Patient Satisfaction

The pricing of medication and eligibility check means you can prescribe the medication you know your patient can use. This makes it easier for them to purchase. Since the medication goes straight to their preferred pharmacy, it is also easier to collect. All in all, the system allows for improved patient satisfaction.

DrChrono EHR Demo

After this DrChrono EHR review, you might be wondering what the best way to see the software in action is. The way to make that happen is through the DrChrono EHR demo. This is a tour of the software you can join virtually to see how it works. You can also reach out to an expert during your demo to ask questions about the software.

DrChrono EHR Price

The DrChrono EHR price, all in all, depends on what software and features you need. For a comprehensive idea regarding pricing, you can reach out to the vendor. They can redirect you towards a plan that works best for your scenario. You can also get a free trial of the software so you can see what it’s like before you commit to it long-time.

Conclusion – DrChrono EHR Review

Now that you know all about prescription through this DrChrono EHR review, here’s what you can do. To learn more about the software, we would recommend checking out reviews and the demo. Additionally, you can compare the features and benefits of DrChrono we mentioned to your expectations. If it matches, that’ll tell you it’s the EHR for you.


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