Changes that took place in TVs in the last few years

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Changes that took place in TVs in the last few years

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According to reports, India’s television sector is expected to acquire around $13 billion revenue by 2023. The emergence of the e-commerce industry and rising disposable income of Indian consumers are a few factors that have played vital roles in such growth. And on top of that, the booming OTT platforms and the popularity of digital content are other reasons why renowned brands are introducing more technologically-advanced products to meet the consumer requirements.

Over the years, several technological changes from display type to screen resolution, connectivity, etc. have been met that have contributed to the growing sales of TVs. Popular choices such as Sony LED TV, OnePlus Android TV, Mi Smart TV, etc. have secured their position on the front row by imbibing these improvements. Following is a list of key innovations that have been incorporated over the years.

1. High definition

High definition or HD feature made its debut in 2006, which completely changed the picture and video quality into much sharper, more detailed and flawless state. The visual experience while watching shows on popular OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. got a new dimension with this particular feature.


While LCD TV was a popular choice among consumers in the late 1990s, the launch of LED screens led to a massive change with its edge-lit and backlit panels. With two types of backlight configurations, LED screens have made the visual experience better, making it more realistic and appealing. 

Despite so many unique features, LED screens are affordable. For instance, premium-quality 32 inch led TV price range starts from around Rs.15,000. Also, with easy financing options like Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, individuals can not only afford such models on credit but repay the total amount using flexible repayment options.

3. Recording your favourite shows

This feature allows the users to choose their preferred shows or movies and even record a programme to watch it later. This added feature often justifies the additional cost of a smart 32 inch led TV price. The OTT platforms are properly in sync with the facilities provided by this interactive technology where you can stream your favourite shows without any distractions.

4.   HDMI 2.1

This has been one of the remarkable technological developments, as it offers high-quality videos without involving those bulky SCART connectors. After multiple updates over the years, this particular feature comes with faster refresh rates, Quick Media switching, etc. that are key requirements for gamers and cinema fanatics. Most of the top-selling models like Sony LED TV, Mi Smart TV, Samsung Android TV, etc. are equipped with this feature.

Due to these technological advancements, the products might seem expensive at times, thanks to Bajaj Finserv’s pre-approved offers, that issue can be easily solved. These offers are available on several financial products such as business loans, credit cards, etc. The institution lets you check your pre-approved offer by submitting basic details like name and contact number before you make such big-ticket purchases.

The television sector took a backseat when all the streaming platforms started flourishing in the first place. However, the launch of Android TVs like Sony LED TV was a smart move to regain that popularity as it came with better improvements and facilities to make the most of this situation.

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