9 Common Myths about Website Development in 2021

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9 Common Myths about Website Development in 2021

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As a web designer and developer, I get asked a lot about the 9 Common Myths about Website Development in 2021.

Here they are, in alphabetical order: “Web design is dead”. “Only link building will do”. “Pages won’t have SEO”. “A website design made in MS Office is worthless”.


The first item on the wish list is dead wrong. Page ranking is an important factor in how well your site ranks in the search engine results.

Link building, or getting other websites to link to yours, has been around forever. In fact, Google uses links in their algorithm for ranking a website.

That said, there are two types of linking. The first is what we normally think of when we hear about “backlinks”. Backlinks are links that lead from another web page to your own.

The second kind of link is a “deep link”, like the one Google uses for their search engine result pages. These are the kind of links that give your site higher rankings.

Can’t Sell On Internet

Another myth is that you can’t sell anything on the Internet. This is another misconception. There are many websites, social media sites, and blogs that host information on selling products.

The next item on the wish list is “That’s over five years ago”. It may be true that the trend was in favor of blog and small, personal web pages at the start, but this doesn’t mean that now is the time to launch a corporate website.

You should always have your corporate presence up and running, whether it’s an ecommerce site a sales site, or a customer support center. It’s all the same. And website development isn’t that much different than creating any other site.

Web Development Afford

The final myth we’ll talk about is “We can’t afford website development”. This is absolutely true – there is never a perfect time to invest in website development.

But, if you’re an organization that is growing very quickly, and you need to put your head into the future, you need to put some serious consideration into developing a website for your company now.

If you can afford it, hire a web developer to get the job done right. A website without a good development plan is nothing more than a blank slate.

You need an experienced team of web developers to come in and lay the foundation for your business. They will be able to give you ideas and show you what’s possible on the Internet today.

As a bonus, they’ll also be able to tell you how to put those ideas into a real website. While this is money you don’t need to spend immediately, over time these websites pay for themselves.


You have the ability and the time now to invest in website development. Your company has never been more important than it is today.

Don’t be afraid to invest the money and take full advantage of the opportunities in website development.

Development in a Nutshell

Investing in website development isn’t necessary; website development is fast and easy; website development is expensive; website development requires a lot of work; website development doesn’t guarantee a successful business. Now you know the truth!

Now you know that the myth is false and that hiring a local or freelance web developer is the better choice. My final Myth is: website development guarantees a successful online business.


In summary, there are common misconceptions about website development that need to be laid to rest. First, website development does not have to be expensive.

Second, hiring a local or freelance web developer is always the better option. Third, hiring a web designer guarantees success. Finally, having a good website development strategy will ensure your website promotion.

Your Business Needs a Website

You need a website for your business to survive and grow. But just having a presence on the World Wide Web doesn’t do your business any good if consumers don’t know you’re there.

The best website development strategy that you can have involves being proactive in making sure that your business is seen and that it connects with consumers where they want to be: in the email inbox.


Myths about website development in 21ition include the idea that you need to spend a lot of money on it.

The truth is that there are a lot of affordable options available to you. You shouldn’t have to spend more than half of your budget on an affordable website development package.

That’s how affordable it can be for you to spend on your future today.


Myths about website development in 2021 also include the notion that you need a developer just to create your website. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A website developer can actually do most of the work that you need to have done. They can build and maintain your website and make it work the way that you want it to.

A lot of businesses are realizing this today and they’re choosing to hire a web development company to handle all of the things that they need to get their business online.

High End Skills Required

Myths about website development in 21ition include the idea that you need to hire someone that has the best website development skills possible.

Again, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are a lot of affordable options out there for you. You don’t need to spend over half of your budget on a cheap option.

You should be able to afford all of the website development options that are available to you.

If you don’t take the time to do research, you could end up spending more money in the future than you would if you took the time to figure out what you really needed in a website development package.

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