10 Tips for New Writers for a Successful Career in Freelancing

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March 20, 2021
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10 Tips for New Writers for a Successful Career in Freelancing

Writers for a Successful Career in Freelancing

A career in freelance writing may sound tempting with the flexible schedule at a remote workspace. You are not stuck with a 9-5 job after travelling in the subway for at least an hour. However, it is never easy to establish yourself in the industry because of the cut-throat competition.

Unlike the small businesses, you are against the writers around the globe to close a client. This may result in weeks or months of searching for the first client to start your career as a freelancer. Moreover, managing the expense until a steady cash inflow is equally important to stay alive in the scenery.

Here, we have mentioned some tips for the new freelancers to start their journey towards a successful career.

  1. Use Your Story

As a writer, you must have your take about the content for a client. Many writers let the client decide the content type, topics, and voice that limits creative freedom. If you have some great new ideas, share them to receive some appreciation and positive reviews from the clients.

Do not force your ideas if the clients don’t find them helpful enough. You can also use your ideas for the platform or publishers of your choice. This will help you create a presentation with some content to previous work to share with potential clients.

  • Prepare Marketing Material

Your clients will not give you days to come up with a pitch. There are endless proposals on their desk from some experienced writers. Therefore, you must prepare the marketing materials beforehand to stand out from the crowd.

You can share the link to some of the articles you posted online as a guest writer. This will eliminate the need for providing samples free-of-cost only to waste time. Also, share the list of testimonials and positive feedback along with the samples.

  • Always Look for New Assignments

Businesses have multiple team setups that work simultaneously to avoid downtime. You may not be able to afford the downtime that may leave you without a client once a project is complete. Add the unpredictability of the arrival of a new client, and the situation starts to look intimidating.

Therefore, keep your search for the new client on even after securing enough for the time being. You can give them the deadline to complete the job based on your current commitment. If you have the skills, the clients can wait for some time before the project starts.

  • Remain Flexible with the Payments

Many freelancers are unable to secure a client because of their strict demand for payment. They consider cheaper offers from clients as a permanent price of their work. On the contrary, the price will change with every client based on the list of clients.

You can use the money from the cheaper projects to stay afloat until some more prominent clients sign the agreement. Moreover, ask them for referrals and positive feedback to help you with increasing the clientele. In the last, provide them with different methods of payment from PayPal to account transfer.

  • Stick to the Regular Job

The idea of making money on your terms may increase the temptation to write a resignation letter. However, it is not recommended to leave the current job too soon for a career in freelancing. You may not find a client for months, and the savings may get used up to manage the essentials.

The solution here is to wait for some clients to hire your services as a writer before leaving the job. Also, it is recommended to have at least 3 months of pay in your savings account to manage unexpected situations. If you find yourself short of cash, take a quick loan from direct lenders to maintain the cash flow.

  • Create an Online Profile

An online profile is necessary for freelances to share their work with potential clients. This doesn’t mean a LinkedIn account with a post now and then. You should create a website with a separate space for blogging.

You can share the details, such as testimonials and a list of clients, on the website. Share your thoughts and opinion on social media sites with some interaction with the community. Also, try to help the other members as well to create goodwill among the other writers.  

  • Welcome Feedbacks from Clients

No one is perfect as a writer from the first day of their job. You will receive some feedback from the clients that may leave you furious at times. Instead, you must learn from those feedbacks to grow as a writer.

The client can have a different perception that may not match with the writer. Ask them for feedback even if they don’t provide it. This will help you with the writing career in the long run.  

  • Work on Time Management Skills

At the office, managers are responsible to make the employees meet the deadline. We have to work based on a set schedule with someone monitoring the progress throughout the day. However, freelancers don’t have someone making them work during some fixed hours.

This is a blessing that may turn into a disaster because of procrastination. You must have a fixed schedule to meet the deadlines. The drawbacks include negative reviews from the customer and reduced payments.

  • Find the Niche

A specific niche can help you with a strong grasp of the language and knowledge of the topic. The top clients in the industry want subject matter experts to write for them. This leaves the prospect of securing some big clients to the niche you select for writing.

You can use any topic with some level of expertise or passion for it. Start writing the blogs and different content types based on the niche to target clients from a specific industry.


To sum up, it will take some time to prepare yourself for a career in freelance writing. It is okay to feel intimidated with no successful conversion for the first few months. The future will have a good income with flexibility if it remains consistent with the efforts.

Description – Some tips are mentioned in this blog to help the new freelance writers start a career without making common mistakes.

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